On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, Spoondrift Radio proudly presents a night of Techno and House featuring The LoveVirus with DJ and host, Grei​.

This night is dedicated to my dearly beloved brother wherever he may be within our infinite universe.

The LoveVirus (LUV, Booty Resin Crew) Seattle, WA

The LoveVirus is a much-loved mainstay of the Seattle EDM community and has been dosing dance floors with a healthy helping of house for over four years. Influenced by many genres and inspired by a genuine love of life, The LoveVirus is now producing his own tracks, saturating each beat with his signature positive energy. His experience as a DJ along with a true ear for fresh sounds has manifested a bright new producer whose tight tracks are infused with a keen knowledge of movement-making beats. The LoveVirus creates music that makes you more than dance- it makes you love. You have been infected.

Grei (Spoondrift Radio, Every Element Productions​) Seattle, WA

Grei is renowned for his talents as a DJ and events coordinator with Indigo, Molecular and Triplag Music with the underground electronic music scene since 1999. Grei has been on the heels of cultivation through electronic music’s breakbeat science and vibrations that reach back to the early 90s. He earns his respect by having a fresh approach to the platform in the search for the new sound and pushing the envelope.

Show will be live with chat starting at 7pm, PST on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBtTPJWW0Snb7IrT9SF0Zyg/live

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