Greilark aka Waater (Shepherd Grei) has been innovating sound as an electronic musician emerged on the scene in 2001. He became internationally recognized as a radio personality, Dj, and events producer. He is known for playing thick vibes and intentional sets pushing the sound of the underground with lush ambient and mid-tempo to progressive, electro-tech, goa trance, drum and bass, and beyond.

He has inspired some of the world’s leading electronic music talent and in its wake, raised awareness utilizing arts and entertainment to some of our world’s foremost political issues.

“I believe we as humans are okay to be different and there is no rule–brick for who we are. Through music, we reflect to transpire to a greater place of self worth so we may evolve to a higher understanding. We share what we have to offer the world by moving as one while embracing our tribal nature.”

In 2011 he achieved a Certificate in Professional Music from the Portland Community College. He understudied as a recording engineer at Ascended Masters Dojo with Kevin Winkle and can now be found live on Twitch.

Greilark has collaborated with many crews and record labels such as Environmental Structures, Molecular, Inertia Labs, Every Element Productions, Metacrew, Triplag Music, Amiti-Group, Twilight Gatherings, and Indigo Presents throughout the Pacific Northwest.

He now is in collaboration with Seattle Online Broadcasters Association and Meta-Mind Productions.