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12.15.2016 – Spoondrift Radio Presents: “Lucid Dreamer” by LeoHawk

Spoondrift Radio :: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 7pm PST

LeoHawk on Spoondrift Radio - Dec 15, 2016

Tonight, Spoondrift Radio proudly presents one of the most remarkable DJ and psytrance label producer on the west coast, LeoHawk – Shaman Electro Records Co-Owner from the Bay Area!

Leo Burkatov been a long time avid promoter and record label owner with nothing but good sound. His vibe carries any dance floor into a frenetic frenzy and works through your body like a chakra shakedown, allowing you to feel the music from head to toe.

LeoHawk has cooked us up something special, this Psychill and Dwontempo mix has already been broadcast but we at Spoondrift Radio like to promote efforts towards the new sound and unknown within us. We Hope you all enjoy!

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