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[SDR] 07.31.2018 Featuring Waater- Goa/Psy, [SEA]

Hey team!

I’m feeling a little Waatery tonight- looking forward to spinning some psytrance for all your dancing and stomping pleasures.

Spoondrift Radio – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei Logic live.
07/31/2018 at 8pm PST

Waater –
Seattle, WA – Goa/Psytrance
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See you in the drift!

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[SDR] 02-14-18 Featuring DJ Grei aka Waater (Goa/Psytrance)

Tonight for 02/14/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, DJ Grei (aka Waater) playing a special 2000-2006 DJ set of the beats of the past travels.


Join Grei (Shepherd Grei) for a night of thick Goa and psychedelic trance  beats that were played from the best of the west to the far-out east, in this trip down memory lane!

Some selections which may be heard will be from labels such as VertigoRecords, Deja Vu, Triplag Music , Gi’Wa Productions, Faerie Dragon Records and more.

Tomorrow at 8pm PST
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See you in the drift!

[10/10/17] SDR – 10 years of Triplag Music: “Shamanic Moments” Exclusive interview with ParasitE (Yuvin Shetty)

Spoondrift Radio presents a Triplag Music 10 year anniversary event, featuring an exclusive interview with Yuvin Shetty a.k.a. ParasitE on the new compilation “Shamanic Moments” plus a promo mix with the new compilation.

ParasitE (Triplag Music, JellyFish Recordings, Sonic Tantra Recs), Dubai

Yuvin Shetty, hailing from Dubai, we will go into a deep dive with Yuvin’s background, learn about the new comp, discuss his inspirations in classical indian to metal, and where the styles of goa, psychedelic trance and the electronic music culture is heading.

Please note that due to the time differences, this broadcast has been pre-recorded. I will be answering questions in chat.

After the interview, your earbuds will get a taste of what ParasitE has cooked up for us, as well a sneak peak into some of Yuvin’s next work on an upcoming e.p of his own.

Shamanic Moments is a fundraising compilation to keep the music alive and on the radio. This is a collection of specially crafted psychedelic music to honour the forces of nature, giving the listeners insights into higher and deeper dimensions to recognize and understand revelations.

For more information on the release of Shamanic Moments, visit Triplag Music’s website at:

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