Booty Chakra Collective proudly invites you back to the historic Star Theater Portland, as we revel in planetary alignment and the welcoming of summer. To celebrate the solstice, we’re turning back the sands of time, transforming the theater into the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria. Hidden oasis, forgotten temples, buried alien ruins.. cities swallowed by the unrelenting desert.

Ancient civilization costumes heavily encouraged!!

~ Immersive environment by the Booty Chakra Visual Arts Team ~

~ Costume competition – First, second, & third place prizes ~

~ Multiple live performance artists to be announced ~

~~~ {{ Music for the evening }} ~~~

Ghost Note – UP Records/PsyTribe Records (Haifa, Israel)

Ghost Note is the Israeli psytrance duo, Oded Kiakow & Shahar Fahima. Both from northern Israel, they share a drive for interesting, crisp and powerful production. Born from their passion for psychedelic dance floor music, the style is a mixture of Goa, Full On, & Progressive.

With growling fx, deep sounds, Goa Trance synth lines, strong kicks, dynamic evolving bass, and a BPM ranging from 138 to 145.. live sets create the feeling of a true psychedelic adventure.


DJ Eep – Mindshaft Industries
(Oregon, USA)

DJ Eep is the DJ moniker of Eugene based Anthony Nocero, or as his friends loving call him: Eep. You can usually find him under a VW bus covered in grease, in a mates backyard hangin out.. or occasionally on stage randomly destroying your face with psychedelic jams.

Anthony is a true old school vet from the Bay Area scene, as well as one of the founders of the Eugene full on scene (as part of Mindshaft) alongside DJ Penguin & PsychoActive (now Smoke Sign).

After years of hiatus, we’ve got this old man to come out from under the bus and grace us with his selection


Cheshyre Cruzan – Sunrise Social Club (Oregon, USA)

The music found Cheshyre Cruzan in 2002. He had no idea there was an entire planet of others who felt the beats just like he did, until he was invited to his first outdoor event in 2003.

He went home after that party and fully immersed himself in seeking out the sounds that moved him that first time, on a large sound system. Armed with a good ear for great tracks, he wanted to share how those tracks made him feel.

In 2005, he bought a couple of Gemini mixers and a Vestax scratch mixer and started learning how to DJ.

Since that time, sharing the music that makes others want to dance and journey inward has made these many years and many different events he’s played a such a joy and blessing for him.


Grei Logic – Spoondrift Radio (Washington, USA)

Grei Logic (Shepherd Grei) is a pioneer of the pacific northwest’s electronic music who emerged on the scene in 2001. He became internationally recognized as a radio personality, Dj, and events promoter. Grei is known playing a deep underground cuts of the electronica deep and lush ambient soundscapes to pulse pounding techno, trance and drum n bass.


M I R A G E – mi·rage (məˈräZH/)

“An optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air.”

{{ Join the hallucination, dance into the Mirage }}

~ Doors open/Music starts at 7pm
~ $10 presale/$15 @ the door
~ 21+ with valid ID