A mix of deep forest trance music by Grei. Recorded live on Spoondrift Radio.

Grei - Forestation


1 Drumatik – Disco Mammoth (Psyberpunk remix) (Spontaneous Aerobics) D#
2 Mechanical Species – The Seeker (Forestdelic Records) D
3 Dust & Xpiral – Tornado DUST (Looney Moon Records) D
4 Hux Flux & CoExist feat. DJ Gula K – Paradigm Shift (Z Plane Records) A
5 Module – Big Trouble Little Planet! (Clocktail Records) Gm
6 Kala & Once Upon a Time – Dive to Unknown (Forestdelic Records) F#m
7 Sick Noise – Tralala (Triplag Music) E
8 Pantomiman – Yello Blast (Looney Moon Records) Bm
9 Full Face : Six Nights In Shanghai (Pixan Records) D#


Feedback welcome. Enjoy!