Drifters and friends alike, there are some upcoming shows in Seattle worth checking into!

((((( Friday, November 9, 2018 )))))

Seattle PsyOps: Dickster!​

Seattle Psy Ops​ proudly presents legendary producer Dickster/Dick Trevor at Substation! Save money, buy your tickets in advance, see you there!!! ?

((((( Saturday, November 10, 2018 )))))

Goddesses 8: She Persists


The Divine Female: this is the oldest spiritual concept of Humankind. It epitomizes empathy, nurturing and kindness, qualities essential to coexisting with each other and with the Natural World. Over 23 years, Jeffrey Moose Gallery has presented seven exhibits in celebration of the Goddess, but never has the ideal been more important, more urgent.

Featuring live music and opening DJ Set with Grei Logic.


Yoroshiku pres. Nora Posch 

Rotating DJs Friday and Saturday nights at Yoroshiku! Enjoy music selected by local DJs and eats selected by local food artists. Yoroshiku presents a modern/traditional style of seafood, ramen, okonomiyaki, small plates and more, as well as spirits and local craft beers. Bring your bellies empty and fill up on some low-key beats and nop-notch ingredients!

((((( Thursday, November 15, 2018 )))))

Family Night Featuring John Glist11/15 Free DnB!

Welcome back Fam Bam! We have a special 1 room show this week, to keep all of us confined into one glorious DnB room with our old time favorite Seattle OG Homie Craig DeBolt aka John Glist!


Don’t miss out!