Spoondrift Radio , this Sunday at 8pm PST Featuring Kçois  and Slopedown!

Greetings drifters and welcome to another week of Spoondrift Radio! Musical styles ranging from dubbing techno minimal house and whatever they feel like playing.


Kçois – Techno/House/Psy/Dnb/Dub/Moombaton/Trap, Seattle, WA 

Kçois (Kelly Jowett) has played for several promoters in Eastern Washington from 2001-2003 including being on Marble’s roster for a while. When he came to Seattle he mostly played for Webbwerx. Kçois has been an avid collector of music and has continued to transcend sound by throwing small forest parties in the woods to jam with close friends.


Slope – Melodic Techno, Seattle, WA 

Slope (Andy Skalet) is one of warm melodies, keys, and vibes with a techno aesthetic. from ear-mallows to warm beds of bass, he will soothe your soul and breathe life into your grooving feet, mind and heart. One who knows how to bring the ‘stache and style as none other.

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Interested in being a part of Spoondrift Radio?

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See you in the drift!