Join us for a special episode of Spooks and haunted mansions in honor of Halloween for Spookdrift Radio!

This Sunday, Oct 30 at 7pm PST. Featuring DOG OF TEARS and GREI.


Ambient, IDM and Trip-Hop awaits… This will be our FINAL SUNDAY NIGHT show as we move to THURSDAYS. Catch you in the ‘drift!

 Sunday – October 30, 2016 WELCOME TO SPOOKDRIFT RADIO
Spookdrift Radio a special edition in Spoondrift Radio in honor of Halloween. We are going deep in the ancestral caves of the night with Ambient, and IDM with eerie vibes and a spook’s delight in experimentation.

Featuring, DOG OF TEARS with further DJ support and host, GREI.

DOG OF TEARS (Xexify) San Francisco, CA

Dog of Tears (David Chaim Cohen) has played with many of the likes of Ghreg on Earth, Luuli, Bodhi, Psykovsky, and Mubali, just to name a few. In this mix we are going to find a new side of him unlike any of you may be familiar with. Not only this but this “Dog” is a mastery in sound and technique! A true warrior in audio engineering.

A bit about the Dog of Tears and Xexify Recordings:
Xexify is essentially the hive­mind embodiment of the art and
processes of David Chaim Cohen. He first came up with the term in high school, around the 9th grade, after giving himself the artist name, “Doctor Xex”. He was making experimental electronic music on cassette tape and would give the tapes to his friends, and they would say “Xexify Records” on them, even after he moved on from the moniker of Dr. Xex.

Later he took on the name “the Dog of Tears,” which is a character from a Jose Saramago book called Blindness. At this time, he was not fully involved in psychedelic trance, and tDoT was a noise project— a brutal noise project. Live iterations were punctuated by the presence of a band featuring Adam Somers and Sean Price on electronics and processing, as well as Wylie Vasquez Cable on upright bass. He would do vocals and additional electronics. Sean and Adam would simultaneously process my vocals. The band was called The Dog of Tears Orchestra.

GREI – (Indigo Presents / Spoondrift Radio) Seattle, WA

Grei (Grei Music), residing in Seattle, is renowned for his talents as a DJ and events coordinator with Indigo, Molecular and Triplag Music with the underground electronic music scene since 1999. Grei has been on the heels of cultivation through electronic music’s breakbeat science and vibrations that reach back to the early 90s.

Grei, also known as Waater, began his music career in the early 90s through his travels the odd-verse of sound and reality while
calculating planetary alignment. Later, he took his studies further
and received his certificate in Professional Music at the Portland
Community College and found himself in a recording engineering studio with Kevin Winkle at the Ascended Masters Dojo.

SpooKDrift Radio: Sunday at 7pm, PST
**** MOVING TO THURSDAYS! More info soon ***

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their continued support.

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in coming out to Spoondrift Studio, send me a private message and we’ll see if we can get you on the show.

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