CHANGE OF PLANS!!!! This event has gone ROGUE and being CO-OPTED BY The Heartbreak Science Fair (2018)​!!! ::::

Live performances, art, avante garde music. See you tonight in the drift! Going from WHEN WE GET THERE to 10PM


Destiny Vesper​ : Unravels her heartstrings of electrified mixed media 3D art that will make your heart pound with excitement.

• Dominique Nick masterminds hand-built interactive circuit-built artwork, detectors, and sound machines. These genius inventions will astound the most curious of hearts.

• Julie Louise emotes raw and intellectual mixed media collage artwork to bring you the depth of her introspective micro lens

• Krista Lee Wolfe is an experimental mess and performs however the hell she wants… She’ll probably perform through a loop pedal because she needs therapy in front of a crowd… Maybe she has some artwork on the wall and some weird ideas about putting together an art/science event.

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See you in the drift!