For our next session on Sunday, January 16 2022 at 4PM, Pacific – I am proud to announce a very special guest for our Sunday Sessions….


GON3R (House/Tech/Breakbeat) Seattle, WA

GON3R has established himself as one of the pioneers of the dance music scene in the Pacific Northwest since his humble beginnings in 1996. With over 25 years of djing under his belt, GON3R gained notoriety in both local & national markets from his innate ability to spin a wide-range in variety of music and building influential ties to the dance music community in both local and national markets. Whether you were there from the start, or just now beginning to dip your toes into this flourishing “niche” industry – you will be hard-pressed to find a collective, radio show, or music venue that GON3R hasn’t touched. If you were rockin’ JNCO’s watching the walls sweat at Seattle’s legendary NAF studio in 1997, too busy dancing to prepare for the world’s demise in 2000 at Future Fest in Atlanta, perfecting your shuffle at the Gorge for Paradiso 2014, or grooving in 2021 on the rooftop dancefloor of Monkey Loft, GON3R has provided the meticulous soundtrack to virtually every significant backdrop in the last three decades of Seattle nightlife.

Date & Time: February 25, 2022 from 4PM-7PM, Pacific.


As your host, I will be warming up the evening w/some tech vibes. Thereafter join us with GON3R to take us home featuring a live interview + DJ Set!

Until then,

Keep the light, Steady and Bright!