This Sunday – Aug 28, 2016, Journey to the Playa with Spoondrift Radio and Grei!  Tune in and find out what’s in store! Many folks are heading to the playa for Burning Man this year, so what a better way to send the family down with some good tunes on the road!  Who knows what is to be seen, no rules, no format, pure fun and enjoyment. BOOM!



GREI :: Indigo :: Seattle, WA Featuring Electro/breaks/what-cha-ma-tronic music


Spoondrift Radio: Sundays at 7pm, PST
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Special thanks to our friends at MFyolopotato and Amiti Group for their continued support.

If you have a mix you would like to submit, or if you are interested in coming out to Spoondrift Studio, send me a private message and we’ll see if we can get you on the show.