[01/04/2018] Spoondrift Radio presents a pre-funk birthday bash for SenseNet!

Greetings drifters!

Tomorrow at 5:30 PM, Grei Logic and Spoondrift Radio are setting a course for the great purple beyond of Twitch!

Grei Media’s official stream for Twitch:

Discord channel for chat and discussion available at https://discord.gg/2ZHQNgz

GREI LOGIC (Downtempo, Trip-hop) Seattle
https://www.greimedia.com https://facebook.com/greilogic

For this special night, Grei Logic will be performing a pre-funk birthday celebration for Sensenet as per requested by the lady of the hour for a chill and groove set! Afterward,  Sensenet will play a DNB-licious set hereafter of which stream at 7 PM EST.!

Sensent and A1-Voodoo

Sensenet is a a DNB DJ and Producer based out of Asheville, NC with roots in the Florida electronic music scene going back to 1995, she is currently working on her first debut single to be released in 2019. Heavily influenced by the Industrial genre (Trent Rezor, Nitzer Ebb, Jackyl & Hyde) and classic artists like Herbie Hancock and Pink Floyd her sets can go from atmospheric jungle to some deep and hard-hitting amens and two-step tracks with a darker and ominous edge. Taking cues from the mixing styles of Doc Scott, she’ll play whatever strikes her sonically, be it an old skool 160 bpm jungle track by Intense, alongside brand new releases from the likes of Dom & Roland, Blocks & Escher, and Seba.

We will be raiding into their stream to parallel the night 😉

For more information, check them out at https://straylightmusicgroup.com/sensenet/

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