TwitchTHANK YOU, EVERYONE, I just made affiliate with Twitch.

Shout outs: To Fuzz for the awesome t-shirt I wore last night and Baby for being there with me since the beginning of my twitching. This truly means the world to me. Thank you to my longtime friends’ supports, and enablers, David Faulkner and Biff Michael Appia for being there and uplifting

If you have any feedback, music you like, or any interests you would like to see for the stream, I’m all ears. I love receiving, as well as giving feedback. It’s great having so many people into all the colorful music. and different tones and variations.

See you tomorrow with y4h00 and myself to perform some psy-tech goodness arpimd 8PM PDT! Great music afoot.

If you have not joined the great land of purple, being that of Twitch, it’s free!

Until then, see you in the drift!